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======Chapter Two======(Angela & poop)
In chapter 2 Korinna still didn't name her kitten and in school Rita showed Korinna and Eva what she wrote about her cousin (Elsa Demmer) and Korinna and Eva got shocked because Rita is going to turn in her own cousin, also Korinna, Eva, and Rita find out there history teacher (Fraulein Mieser) disappeared.

Chapter Four
(Insert Gist Here - Samantha & ass)
>>>>>>>>Chapter Four<<<<<<<<<<
Korinna discovers a huge secret. She finds out that there is not mice behind her wall but a gaping hole and 2 Jews. At first Korinna thinks they are monsters and screams like her life depends on it. However, her parents explain that they hid Jews behind her wall and they did not support Hitler. Korinna is upset and she is angry at her parents; she hates the Jews. Anger, sadness, and fear well up in her as she sees, like the novel says, "the pale glow of skin, and the gleam of eyes." The Jews are introduced as Sophie and her daughter Rachel. Korinna sinks in an angry mix as she listens to her mother talk to the " stinking, hateful" Jew. Korinna doesn't know if she should turn her parents in or not.